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We'll always be mindful of properly securing the home, and the yard if dogs are let out back to go potty and run around. Your pet will never be left unattended while they're outside. 

Our Business Rules for All Visits

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Services and Pricing

20 minutes - $20

30 minutes - $25

45 minutes - $35

60 minutes - $45


Customized dog walks at his/her own pace. 

Walks include potty break, fresh water refill, playtime, & lots of love!

We have two main goals on each and every dog walk:

   1. Exercise

   2. Sensory enrichment

We do this by allowing your dog to sniff around and by periodically changing up the walk routine. This is essential for mental health, stimulation, and overall well-being and happiness!

20 minutes - $20

30 minutes - $25

45 minutes - $35

60 minutes - $45


All pet sitting visits include feeding and fresh water, pet clean up, companionship, mental & physical exercise, and a potty break (dogs).

Cat visits: We know the importance of a clean litter box, so we scoop at each visit and monitor your cat's urine output for health assurance.

We are also here for your home! We make sure to:

  • bring in mail/newsletter/packages/trash

  • rotate lights/blinds

  • water indoor plants

  • monitor the AC

  • perform security or gate checks

One Way - $20

To & From - $40


Sometimes you can't make it to the groomer or the vet - that's where we come in! We can accompany your pet to his next vet or grooming appointment.

NOTE: Price can increase depending on whether or not we need to wait with your pet at the appointment.

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